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Our experience with Stormlake GSDS so far…..


Having thoroughly searched the internet and continually returning to the Stormlake site, we finally decided to contact Kate.


From first point of contact to present, Kate has been an exemplary example of what / how a genuine, caring and professional breeder should be.


We travelled from Scotland to Essex for our puppy Cragan, progeny of Envy & Chino. On meeting Kate, Ian , Megan and the stormlake gang, we were completely overwhelmed at what we saw and experienced that day.


From Envy being pregnant to us collecting Cragan, Kate always kept us up to date with e mails and photographs, which was exciting waiting for.


Any query, no matter how silly we think it may be, Kate always deals with it immediately..... offering us invaluable advice and reassurance.


We cannot walk anywhere without people stopping us to admire Cragan and speak to him.


He is strong with a calm nature he makes his presence known without causing any fuss. His training is coming on a treat and he even used his training mats on our long journey home after collecting him.

We can’t recommend Stormlake GSDS enough. We are sure we will be back in the future for another Stormlake Stunner in the future.


We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all at Stormlake for their devotion and passion to producing fantastic dogs and advice.




Love and best wishes Robert, Debbie Mishka and Cragan. xx

Dear kate


Thank you for taking the time to introduce me to your dogs and your family.


It was heartwarming to see so many healthy, well mannered shepherds romping around.

We certainly will stick with yourself for our puppy selection

and listen to your advice about which puppy to choose.


Seeing the dogs in the flesh has helped me focus on the type of dog

which will suit us best and ,to my surprise, I very much liked Luga and

Jax even though I have always had a preference for single colours.

They both looked strong and well boned as well as Thorn.


The 2 year old Max whom you had bred, was a particular favourite of mine.


Having seen the good state of your dogs' teeth we will also look into

raw feeding: the first shepherd I had in my teens was fed on dry real

meat and tripe and he had very good health. Our dogs now have a lot of goats milk which seems to make for sumptious coats ,but our Lola at 9 years, does not have particularly clean teeth.


Your idea of letting me talk to other owners and seeing their dogs was also very useful. I dont think I have ever seen a group of dogs together with so little drama and fuss from the dogs...they all got on so well

together which I suppose reflects their breeding and the confidence of the owners ..all in all a package which must make you very proud.


Thanks again to the other owners. I will phone you shortly for a quick

talk about which puppy to go for, and hopefully catch you when you are walking the dogs.... bye for now Lisa

When we had to have Travis put to sleep we were devastated and couldn't imagine having another, the hole he left was too great.


Going back to Hoddesdon to visit Petes parents we followed your truck through Waltham abbey. The long decal across your back window of all your dogs made us smile and when we got back home we went online to find Stormlake, that was the beginning.


Comiing to see you last February was amazing, suddenly surrounded by all these beautiful dogs and we decided there and then that we would love to have one in our lives if you said OK.


Then the wait was on to see if Lazer was having pups,then another wait until they were born and then the announcement that she had seven girls.Suddenly a boy wasn't so important and after seeing them at four weeks and being chosen by Lola was perfect.


Bringing her home was one of the best moments of our lives. She is absolutely gorgeous, can be a right diva at times, is extremely vocal, and greets everybody and all dogs with enthusiasm and kisses. We wouldn't change her for the world.


THANK YOU KATE IAN AND MEGAN for all the hard work you put into making these dogs what they are

Teresa and Peter Swannell

Both Dave and myself were extremely impressed with how Kate, and her husband Ian, were as Breeders of their beautiful German Shepherd dogs; we had two visits prior to finally taking Lara home with us. Paperwork from Kate included all the information needed for our new puppy. This included information on: health checks, hip scores, insurance details, responsibility of new ownership, details on checks from their own vet etc


Kate also provided us with a very extensive 'puppy pack' which included food starter packs, registration documents, pedigree, 'caring for your new Stormlake Puppy' detailed information sheet, Lara's comfort blanket from her time at Kate's, a collar and her microchip documents.


Kate also wrote down specific details of Lara's worming schedule prior to coming home with us and when her next ones would be due, and when she would next be due for her vaccinations.


From the first moment we walked into Kate and Ian's home for our initial 'interview' and to see the puppies, our next visit with our two children to see our new puppy, to the time we took Lara home; Dave and I were completely impressed with their high standards, their love for their dogs, their expertise as breeders of Stormlake puppies, and their willingness to spend as much time with us as we wanted, talking with them, asking questions, and to spend time with the new puppies.


I personally, have nothing but admiration, for their professionalsim and for their aftercare for Lara; any time over the past 2 1/2 years that I have had any questions, problems or am needing personalised advice I will always talk to Kate first. My vets know animals and pets very well, but Kate knows GSDs like no other!


I have shared updates on Lara over the months, and sent Kate photos of Lara growing up with her new family; Kate has always been willing to share her expertise, especially when Lara had a motor car accident last year and suffered physical injuries and some psychological damage, she was on hand for advice on her to 'resocialise' her and how to help her recover from her traumatic experience. Lara is now very fit and well again, and I thank Kate again for her advice.


Kate also gave me good advice on introducing and socialising our new GSD with childminded children - although we had been given all the information we needed and asked for regarding Lara growing up within our family settiing, as a childminder I needed further advice for how to introduce Lara to my childminding setting. Kate's advice was very helpful and I was grateful to her for taking her time to ensure all my potential worries were put at ease. Lara is completely at ease with my children and minded children alike and we could not have asked for a better dog then a good sound breed from Stormlake noted for their wonderful temperament and their beautiful nature.

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