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Introducing our Big Beautiful Home Solid black Demi daughter "Lynx"


Lynx was chosen by my young daughter ...they were both smitten with each other so it didnt take much to persuade me that "Licky Lynx" was going to stay here with us.


She is now part of the stormlake crew along with her magnificent brother Thorn who can be seen on his page under our boys .


Lynx is a very affecionate and kissy girl with a lovely kind and sweet nature ,she is a carbon copy of her mother but also having daddy chiefs qualities in many ways .


She is a big beautiful and very gentle girl like her mum but is already slightly taller than her wonderful mummy Demi .


We are delighted that our homebred girl Lynx passed her BH working qualification "November 2012"

Lynx is proving she has the smart brains to be a great sports dog as well as being a beautiful girl inside and out and first and foremost a gentle loving family dog .


Lynx gained her IPO1 Working Qualification

Score- 90-74-94


Winning the Best protection Trophy and scoring highest points of the day under BAGSD Staffs IPO Club -Judge (Tom Nye) 19/6/2016 .


Height - 28 inches to shoulder


Weight - 41 kilo's


Colour - solid black


Bva Hip Score 2:3 Total 5


Bva Elbow Score 0-0

Lynx 7.jpg
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