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Introducing our Big , Beautiful girl "Sin" .


Sin is a A Falco /Charm Daughter kept back from Falco's first litter born here at Stormlake.


Sin takes after her lovely daddy Falco, having his same outgoing, happy go lucky , fun nature

Sin is a striking looking female Very loving and affecionate with Falco's bouncy , happy feet and fantastic health test results !!


Already one of our largest girls at just a year old , super movement, conformation and a faultless temperament to match .

Sin shows great promise for the future here at stormlake .


Colour -Black and Red/Gold


BVA Hip Score - 3-3


BVA Elbow Score - 0-0

Syn 5.jpg
Syn 3.jpg
Syn 2.jpg
Syn 1.jpg
Syn 4.jpg
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