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We have had our lovely little lad, Zach, progeny of handsome Luga and the absolutely gorgeous, Diva (who I could quite happily have taken home too) for just over a month now.



Our story with Stormlake began when my mother met one of the Stormlake 'kids' quite by chance and thought he was such a beautiful dog. The owner wholeheartedly recommended Kate and Ian, so we contacted them and then went along to meet them.

 Their long-haired German Shepherds are absolutely gorgeous, calm and well-mannered. Kate and Ian made us feel very welcome and we were soon on a litter waiting list!


Our Zach has the most fantastic, calm temperament and wants to be friends with everyone he meets. Everyone thinks he is so handsome. We had him house-trained within two days of bringing him home (I think a lot of that was down to Kate), and within two nights, he was settled for sleep, no crying, at night. He now sleeps 8 hours a night and has never messed his crate! He is such a good little lad and we love him dearly; he has such a gentle nature. We have been taking him to training classes twice a week and have been told that he is making great progress for his age. His recall, sit and stay are best in class! We are so proud!


We cannot thank Kate enough as she has always been on hand for advice, no matter how many times I called! The puppy pack we received was great, very informative, and helped us tremendously through the first week.



Thank you , Kate, Ian (and Megan) for all you have done and for giving us the opportunity to own such a lovely addition to our family.

 I would not hesitate to recommend Stormlake to anyone looking for a German Shepherd companion.



Happy Christmas and New Year to all at Stormlake!

I searched high and low for the right breeder, as we had two girls, aged 9 and 6 at the time, so temperament was of paramount importance to me.


I spoke to several breeders over the phone, but Kate's friendly, knowledgeable attitude kept luring me back. The chance to meet both parents (the gorgeous Demi and handsome Luga) in their own home was very important, seeing them interact with the children and other animals convinced us we were making the right decision.


 We first met Lola when she was just 3 weeks old, and she chose us by clambering onto my 6yr old's lap and falling asleep! Nothing was too much trouble for Kate, and I was very impressed at how seriously she "vetted" us as potential owners of one of her precious babies. Their dogs mean the world to Kate Ian and Megan, and boy, does it show.

She even suggested a return visit when Lola was 6wks old, as "it was a long time for the children to have to wait til she could come home". How thoughtful is that?


We were given regular updates, info and photos until the Big Day arrived, and since then I have phoned Kate many times with numerous questions (some very stupid) re: feeding, training, development, tummy upsets, fox problems etc etc etc! All have been met with patience and helpful advice. The "after-sales service" has been amazing, this proves that their dogs really matter to them. Great temperaments, amazing looks, cheeky personalities and a friend to melt your heart for life, what more could any prospective owner want.


Lola has grown into a beautiful, gentle, graceful girl, so much like her lovely mum, Demi.

We have found an absolute gem and I'm very grateful.

I cannot recommend Stormlake highly enough, they so obviously care very much about all their dogs, whether owned by themselves, or lovingly passed on to us lucky owners.


Debbie, Martin, Megz and Immie Shaw

Congratulations on finding the Stormlake website, I hope your visits brings you as much joy as is did to me.


My heart was lifted when I discovered the Stormlake website after the loss of our German Shepherd. One visit to see Kate, Ian, Megan and family and my husband and I had made up our minds, and how made up we were to become proud parents again.


Our Stormlake Gemstone has brought pride and joy to our hearts. Although she is far too clever for her own good sometimes, she keeps us on our toes and is a pure delight to have in our lives. The instructors at our training school keep telling us, she is intelligent and bold and will be an amazing working dog, I think they have high hopes for her in agility and their display team, when she is old enough, although I am not so sure her handlers will reach the mark.


When we take her out I have to remind my husband that the attention we get is for her and not him. Even so he has walked her more than any of our other dogs. We are forever being told how friendly and beautiful she is and being asked after her breeder.


Gem is our fourth German Shepherd so we know all about the breed and when we add to our family in 2011 we will certainly be returning to Kate at Stormlake.


In my mind they are not just the breeders of our dog but an additional branch of our family tree that we will enjoy keeping in touch with forever more.


If you are looking to get a German Shepherd look no further, unless for course you are unlucky enough to be looking for a puppy from the same litter as us in 2011 and only one appears. SORRY THAT PUP IS OURS!


Jan Rickwood

After deciding to welcome a German Shepherd into our home with our three sons, I can honestly say that I was dreading the search for a breeder because to say that my husband Daren is thorough is an understatement!!


He felt very strongly that finding the best breeder was the most important part of our new puppy experience and he sat night after night,looking at endless websites. The site he continued to return to was of course the wonderful'Stormlake' We made an appointment to visit and were warmly welcomed by Kate, Ian, Megan and their fabulous German Shepherds. Our three boys,Harvey, Alfie & Ben were literally all over these gentle giants, playing with their toys & were generally very excited. We were overwhelmed by their stunning looks and their temperaments were faultless!


We knew instantly that we had fallen across something very special and feel incredibly privileged to now own 'Rio' our beautiful Stormlake puppy.

She has been an absolute joy and we are enjoying every minute of her.


Kate has been so helpful throughout and has involved us in the whole process, providing regular updates throughout the pregnancy and afterthe pups were born - wow, what an exciting day that was!

We loved to see the weekly pictures on the website and Kate was so helpful in answering any questions or concerns we had both before and after Rio came home.

Rio is now nearly 4 months old and is our little angel. She slept through after 2 nights and we even have to wake her most mornings! Her toilet training was very easy & she is fantastic with everyone she meets.


As prospective owners, you need to be aware that the moment you bring one of these little balls of fluff into your home, you will be planning for the next one!! I cannot recommend Kate, Ian, Megan & the Stormlake gang more highly. Lisa, Daren, Harvey, Alfie & Ben Paradise & most importantly, RIO.xx

Dave & Cherylyn - Owners of "capablecanines"



" we are lucky enough to own a Stormlake GSD puppy (Obi).

This is our first GSD from Stormlake and we know that he won't be our last - we have found the most amazing Breeder in Kate. Her dogs are an absolute credit to her - they are stunning with the most beautiful temperaments that we have ever seen and Kate is the finest example of what a Breeder should be - to see her dogs is a real testament to the love & devotion that she so obviously puts in to what she is achieving as a Breeder"


Love Cherylyn xx

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