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Inroducing the very beautiful "Kenzi "

a Mr Jax / Kenya daughter - Grand Daughter to our Late Great Luga Bear.


We kept Kenzi back from our hand reared litter of puppies born in 2015 .


Kenzi is without a doubt one of the easiest dog I have ever lived with , her gentle loving nature combined with her never ending happy go lucky attitude makes her a real sweet, loyal girl with a lovely character.


Kenzi has a wonderful temperament, she has inherited her Daddy Mr Jax's excellent bone, coat,conformation and super health test results.


We are very excited to have her in our breeding programme, she brings together all the good qualities we strive for and will be a real asset for the future.


BVA Hip Score - 3-3 Total 6


BVA Elbow Score - 0-0


Colour - Black Bi Colour

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