From our first peep at Stormlakes web site and a call to kate we were certain that this was a very special place with very special puppies, We can not praise Kate Ian and Megan enough for all the hard work and care they put into there dogs,When Carbis was born we had lots of pics sent and felt she was ours days after being born and saw her grow into our beautiful little girl . when we collected Carbis the information care package we recieved was fantastic and she loved her toy and comfort blanket. We got a confident little girl who has settled into our home straight away she is full of energy just loves everything and every one always ready for a cuddle and a belly rub she makes us laugh. Our biggest problem with our little Stormlake Baby is we can never go anywhere in a hurry as every one wants to say hello to her.If we had a problem with Carbis i would not hesitate to call Kate for her help,and love seeing what her litter mates are up to.

Stormlake Babies are special x


carbis is owned and loved by julie steve and the lovely morse

Testimonials page

Just some of the wonderful comments from our puppy owners can be found here on this page

 we hope you enjoy reading through the testimonials and thankyou to those of you that have taken the time to send them to us.



well where do i start ... my stormlake experience began when martin and i were looking for a new 4 legged companion , we were fortunate enough to be introduced to kate, Ian and  The Stormlake crew .

        On our first visit we were greeted in a warm and friendly manner by the family and dogs, we were fortunate to be given the opportunity to have a stormlake pup brighten our lives ,

from that moment untill the birth we were kept informed about the mum and the forthcoming litters welfare. The moment Tayo was born weekly updates were available on the website,visits to stormlake were encouraged and never refused .

From the time of meetin Tayo through to bringing him home we knew that all the hugs and cuddles he needed were being supplied by Megan for us .

since bringing him home the support and communication has been superb and we feel comforted to know that this will continue .

To anyone looking for a large ,wonderful,loyal,German Sheperd with a temperament to die for then look no futher :-)

 we would like to take this opportunity to thank stormlake yet again for our best friend xx hes simply the best.


kind regards jan and mart x

 Now Diesel, he is probably as perfect as a new puppy can get, He is alert, intelligent, affectionate, and every person he meets thinks he is adorable, Oh and by the way, anyone who has any reservations as to whether to raw feed their dog, should watch Diesel demolish Lamb ribs etc , ( We have followed the advice given and given the approprate suppliments including Fish for dogs etc as it is so important for the dogs at this stage) the only thing that has been even remotely negative has been getting him to settle at night, but hey: He has been used to Two litters of puppies and Nine adult dogs for company, and all of a sudden he is on his own ; and after a call to Kate and Ian we were reassured and guess what, tonight as I write this he is in his bed as good as gold, so I think it was a learning curve for us as to how strong a character the breed has. I can't tell you of the amount of smiles this little ( yeah right) fella has given us over the last week and his confidance is growing every day! Our Cat Charlotte however may take a little longer getting used to his gregarious nature!

The bottom line is we all love him dearly and can't wait to take him out exploring with us all as a family once he is able.

Kate and Ian, What can I say,

                                                   Coming across their website was a breath of fresh air, and a visit was subsequently so reassuring as to see Kate walking her dogs off the lead all in a line with no fuss was a joy to behold, new visitor, lots of worrying anticipation as the dogs jump up and harrassment of the intruders? Not a bit of it, they calmly walked up to say hello, we made a fuss of them, then when we went into their home they were conspicuous by despite being in a (relatively) small space, not getting under your feet! You have to experience that, and many who have written before me have, to understand that the main thing Kate and Ian have strived for  in their breeding program is to foster the best possible temperment in their dogs. Needless to say they have exceeded their goals!

Anyway, I have had a thiteen hour day and am up a 0515am so you will forgive me for  leaving you at this point, Were were very lucky to come accross Kate and Ian, If you are reading this you are too, Make the most of it!

Kevin, Maxine Megan and Diesel x

We knew Stormlake was something very special on our first visit. There at the gate sitting in a row were five beautiful long haired German Shepherds who gave us the calmest and warmest of welcomes. Our first impressions of Kate and Ian being the most caring and honest breeders you could wish for were confirmed on all our subsequent visits which they were always happy to accommodate. We saw our pup several times before we could have him home; the excellent updates and photographs on the Stormlake website and regular emails from Kate making us as excited as a couple of kids before Christmas. What should you expect? Simply the best. From our first visit to the website to the day we picked Burdock up, the feeling has been one of the highest quality and the right choice. We would recommend Stormlake unreservedly (and have, to the many admirers of our beautiful dog), and couldn't be happier to say that Stormlake must be one of the best breeders you will have the good fortune to have found.


Dawn & Allan

16th December 2010

Hi Kate, Ian & Megan,


We would like to Thankyou very much for the beloved member of our family we brought home from you back in 2008. Rio is better than we could have hoped for. He is so well loved by us and the childminded children who come here daily and consider him their dog too! He is best friend to our cat Rico and the pair of them can often be found having a nap together. He's a joy to walk & is highly ball driven which has been a great tool for us when it has come to his training. He has an outstanding nature and is accepting and friendly with people and with all other dogs, his favourite playmates apart from his Shep Mates are a couple of Westipoos who we dogsit regularly. He is a healthy, happy and faithful friend and we and everyone who meets him just adores him.


Thankyou so much!


Lots of love


Paul, Kate, Casey & Jessica Champion

We have had our lovely little lad, Zach, progeny of handsome Luga and the absolutely gorgeous, Diva (who I could quite happily have taken home too) for just over a month now.



Our story with Stormlake began when my mother met one of the Stormlake 'kids' quite by chance and thought he was such a beautiful dog. The owner wholeheartedly recommended Kate and Ian, so we contacted them and then went along to meet them.

 Their long-haired German Shepherds are absolutely gorgeous, calm and well-mannered. Kate and Ian made us feel very welcome and we were soon on a litter waiting list!


Our Zach has the most fantastic, calm temperament and wants to be friends with everyone he meets. Everyone thinks he is so handsome. We had him house-trained within two days of bringing him home (I think a lot of that was down to Kate), and within two nights, he was settled for sleep, no crying, at night.  He now sleeps 8 hours a night and has never messed his crate! He is such a good little lad and we love him dearly; he has such a gentle nature. We have been taking him to training classes twice a week and have been told that he is making great progress for his age. His recall, sit and stay are best in class! We are so proud!


We cannot thank Kate enough as she has always been on hand for advice, no matter how many times I called! The puppy pack we received was great, very informative, and helped us tremendously through the first week.



Thank you , Kate, Ian (and Megan) for all you have done and for giving us the opportunity to own such a lovely addition to our family.

 I would not hesitate to recommend Stormlake to anyone looking for a German Shepherd companion.



Happy Christmas and New Year to all at Stormlake!

Congratulations on finding the Stormlake website, I hope your visits brings you as much joy as is did to me.


My heart was lifted when I discovered the Stormlake website after the loss of our German Shepherd.  One visit to see Kate, Ian, Megan and family and my husband and I had made up our minds, and how made up we were to become proud parents again.    


Our Stormlake Gemstone has brought pride and joy to our hearts.  Although she is far too clever for her own good sometimes, she keeps us on our toes and is a pure delight to have in our lives.   The instructors at our training school keep telling us, she is intelligent and bold and will be an amazing working dog, I think they have high hopes for her in agility and their display team, when she is old enough, although I am not so sure her handlers will reach the mark.  


When we take her out I have to remind my husband that the attention we get is for her and not him.  Even so he has walked her more than any of our other dogs. We are forever being told how friendly and beautiful she is and being asked after her breeder.


Gem is our fourth German Shepherd so we know all about the breed and when we add to our family in 2011 we will certainly be returning to Kate at Stormlake.


In my mind they are not just the breeders of our dog but an additional branch of our family tree that we will enjoy keeping in touch with forever more.


If you are looking to get a German Shepherd look no further, unless for course you are unlucky enough to be looking for a puppy from the same litter as us in 2011 and only one appears.  SORRY THAT PUP IS OURS!


Jan Rickwood



After deciding to welcome a German Shepherd into our home with our three sons, I can honestly say that I was dreading the search for a breeder because to say that my husband Daren is thorough is an understatement!!


He felt very strongly that finding the best breeder was the most important part of our new puppy experience and he sat night after night,looking at endless websites. The site he continued to return to was of course the wonderful'Stormlake' We made an appointment to visit and were warmly welcomed by Kate, Ian, Megan and their fabulous German Shepherds. Our three boys,Harvey, Alfie & Ben were literally all over these gentle giants, playing with their toys & were generally very excited. We were overwhelmed by their stunning looks and their temperaments were faultless!


We knew instantly that we had fallen across something very special and feel incredibly privileged to now own 'Rio' our beautiful Stormlake puppy.

She has been an absolute joy and we are enjoying every minute of her.


Kate has been so helpful throughout and has involved us in the whole process, providing regular updates throughout the pregnancy and afterthe pups were born - wow, what an exciting day that was!

We loved to see the weekly pictures on the website and Kate was so helpful in answering any questions or concerns we had both before and after Rio came home.

Rio is now nearly 4 months old and is our little angel. She slept through after 2 nights and we even have to wake her most mornings! Her toilet training was very easy & she is fantastic with everyone she meets.


As prospective owners, you need to be aware that the moment you bring one of these little balls of fluff into your home, you will be planning for the next one!! I cannot recommend Kate, Ian, Megan & the Stormlake gang more highly. Lisa, Daren, Harvey, Alfie & Ben Paradise & most importantly, RIO.xx

I searched high and low for the right breeder, as we had two girls, aged 9 and 6 at the time, so temperament was of paramount importance to me.


I spoke to several breeders over the phone, but Kate's friendly, knowledgeable attitude kept luring me back. The chance to meet both parents (the gorgeous Demi and handsome Luga) in their own home was very important, seeing them interact with the children and other animals convinced us we were making the right decision.


 We first met Lola when she was just 3 weeks old, and she chose us by clambering onto my 6yr old's lap and falling asleep! Nothing was too much trouble for Kate, and I was very impressed at how seriously she "vetted" us as potential owners of one of her precious babies. Their dogs mean the world to Kate Ian and Megan, and boy, does it show.

She even suggested a return visit when Lola was 6wks old, as "it was a long time for the children to have to wait til she could come home". How thoughtful is that?  


We were given regular updates, info and photos until the Big Day arrived, and since then I have phoned Kate many times with numerous questions (some very stupid) re: feeding, training, development, tummy upsets, fox problems etc etc etc! All have been met with patience and helpful advice. The "after-sales service" has been amazing, this proves that their dogs really matter to them. Great temperaments, amazing looks, cheeky personalities and a friend to melt your heart for life, what more could any prospective owner want.


Lola has grown into a beautiful, gentle, graceful girl, so much like her lovely mum, Demi.

We have found an absolute gem and I'm very grateful.

I cannot recommend Stormlake highly enough, they so obviously care very much about all their dogs, whether owned by themselves, or lovingly passed on to us lucky owners.


Debbie, Martin, Megz and Immie Shaw

Our experience with Stormlake GSDS so far…..


Having thoroughly searched the internet and continually returning  to the Stormlake site, we finally decided to contact Kate.


From first point of contact to present, Kate has been an exemplary example of what / how a genuine, caring and professional breeder should be.


We travelled from Scotland to Essex for our puppy Cragan, progeny of Envy & Chino. On meeting Kate, Ian , Megan and the stormlake gang, we were completely overwhelmed at what we saw and experienced that day.


From Envy being pregnant to us collecting Cragan, Kate always kept us up to date with e mails and photographs, which was exciting waiting for.


Any query, no matter how silly we think  it may be, Kate always deals with it immediately..... offering us invaluable advice and reassurance.


We cannot walk anywhere without people stopping us to admire Cragan and speak to him.


He is strong with a calm nature he makes his presence known without  causing any fuss. His training is coming on a treat and he even used his training mats on our long journey home after collecting him.

We can’t  recommend Stormlake GSDS enough. We are sure we will be back in the future for another Stormlake Stunner in the future.


We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all at Stormlake for their devotion and passion to producing fantastic dogs and advice.




Love and best wishes Robert, Debbie Mishka and Cragan. xx




We would just like to confirm to anyone who in the future is considering welcoming a family friendly German shepherd into their home, you will not find a better breeder than Stormlake.


 After lengthy searches on the internet we came across the professional and well informed Stormlake website. We then decided to contact Kate and some time later arranged to visit her and her beautiful dogs.


We were welcomed by Kate Ian and Megan and on meeting the dogs we were surprised how calm, friendly and well mannered all the dogs were with us even though they hadn't met us before.  

It wasn't long before we were on the waiting list for our new little puppy and a few months later our beautiful Kiera, an Envy/Chino daughter was born.


We were kept up to date with the puppy's progress and on the day that we brought Kiera home, we were given a starter pack and advice that was much appreciated.  


Kiera is now 5 months old and we cannot express just how special she is. She settled into our home straight away, and we are not exaggerating when we say within two days of being home with us she was fully house trained. She makes us laugh every day and has a wonderful nature with us and the children.


We could not imagine life without her now.  Our walks always take that bit longer as people keep stopping us to ask where we got our gorgeous puppy from!  


Stormlake are definitely a high quality breeder who also love their dogs, and we would not hesitate to recommend them!


Sue Richard and Girls x

Both Dave and myself were extremely impressed with how Kate, and her husband Ian, were as Breeders of their beautiful German Shepherd dogs; we had two visits prior to finally taking Lara home with us.  Paperwork from Kate included all the information needed for our new puppy.  This included information on: health checks, hip scores, insurance details, responsibility of new ownership, details on checks from their own vet etc


Kate also provided us with a very extensive 'puppy pack' which included food starter packs, registration documents, pedigree, 'caring for your new Stormlake Puppy' detailed information sheet, Lara's comfort blanket from her time at Kate's, a collar and her microchip documents.


Kate also wrote down specific details of Lara's worming schedule prior to coming home with us and when her next ones would be due, and when she would next be due for her vaccinations.


From the first moment we walked into Kate and Ian's home for our initial 'interview' and to see the puppies, our next visit with our two children to see our new puppy, to the time we took Lara home; Dave and I were completely impressed with their high standards, their love for their dogs, their expertise as breeders of Stormlake puppies, and their willingness to spend as much time with us as we wanted, talking with them, asking questions, and to spend time with the new puppies.


I personally, have nothing but admiration, for their professionalsim and for their aftercare for Lara; any time over the past 2 1/2 years that I have had any questions, problems or am needing personalised advice I will always talk to Kate first.  My vets know animals and pets very well, but Kate knows GSDs like no other!


I have shared updates on Lara over the months, and sent Kate photos of Lara growing up with her new family; Kate has always been willing to share her expertise, especially when Lara had a motor car accident last year and suffered physical injuries and some psychological damage, she was on hand for advice on her to 'resocialise' her and how to help her recover from her traumatic experience. Lara is now very fit and well again, and I thank Kate again for her advice.


Kate also gave me good advice on introducing and socialising our new GSD with childminded children - although we had been given all the information we needed and asked for regarding Lara growing up within our family settiing, as a childminder I needed further advice for how to introduce Lara to my childminding setting.  Kate's advice was very helpful and I was grateful to her for taking her time to ensure all my potential worries were put at ease.  Lara is completely at ease with my children and minded children alike and we could not have asked for a better dog then a good sound breed from Stormlake noted for their wonderful temperament and their beautiful nature.

Hello my name is Lindsay. At nearly 2 years old our gorgeous boy Brodie (son of Chino and brother to Blade, same litter) is a fine example of the work that you do.


He has the most amazing temperament and is such a joy to own. At this moment in time he is in the back garden playing with the latest addition to our family a 14 week old cocker spaniel.


My daughter adores him and everyone wants him.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for enabling us to have such a joy in our lives. He looks just like his dad and his mum is such a beauty.

I always look through your site just to see how the boys are getting on in the pictures and as always look amazing!


Thank you again. Kind regards Lindsay, family and Brodie x

"Fenris" june 2012


We cannot recommend Kate and the Stormlake crew highly enough.   We have had our Fenris (a Lazer/Thorn son) for over five months now and we simply love him.  He is everything we hoped for and more besides.  


We are not kidding when we say that he was completely housetrained and sleeping happily through the whole night within two days.  He already knew basic commands and good door manners.  This is all due to Kate’s dedication.  


He is admired wherever we go for both his stunning looks and his good behaviour.   We have stopped traffic during walks on more than one occasion.  He is keen to learn, loves cuddles and has his dad’s fantastic coat and bounce.  


 One of the main things that convinced us that Stormlake was the right Breeder for us was the temperament of all Kate’s dogs.  Seeing Fenris cuddled up to his new best friend our seven year old pet rabbit, Tink is testament to how calm and sociable the Stormlake babies are.


The paperwork and puppy pack you will receive from Kate will be extensive.  Our vet told us he wished all breeders did as fine a job in preparing new dog owners.


Thank you from Simon, Lesley and Emma.


My beautiful Cody is 11 months old now and is the progeny of Cedar and Luga. He has the most wonderful temperament and everybody that meets him adores him and thinks he is so handsome. He enjoys his cuddles so much . He is a much loved member of our family and means the world to me and my husband.


From the moment that we went to Stormlake to see all Kate and Ian's beautiful dogs we knew that we wanted to be the proud parents of a 'Stormlake kid'. Kate and Ian made us feel so welcome and all their dogs have such a wonderful temperament  To say I was impressed was an understatement.


We went on the waiting list for our own Stormlake kid and when they arrived we could not wait to visit our baby. We were encouraged to visit as much as we could before the time came to pick up our bundle of Joy. On all these visits we were made so welcome it was like we were part of their extended family.


Kate's knowledge as a breeder is vast, and on many occasions I have contacted Kate about things that most people would feel to be trivial  Not Kate, I have always had an immediate response and the help and commitment shown by Kate to her babies has helped me through . I can and always do whole heartily recommend Kate and Ian as breeders of German shepherds of quality and superb temperament.


Thank you Kate, Ian and Megan for giving us the opportunity to fill so wonderfully the German Shepherd sized hole that losing Monty (my previous German Shepherd) so suddenly left us with. You filled the hole with a wonderful, cuddly, witty and lovely pup which we would never be without.


Thank you so much

Selina, Fred and of course Cody xxx


German shepherds have been a huge part of our lives since I met my husband through one! Jester was amazing and so full of fun right up to the day he left us to run at the rainbow bridge. I have lost other dogs and felt great pain but nothing came close to this!  I thought my husband would never get back up from it when our world went into darkness.  Although we had Dooley Jesters beloved brother the house was empty.  


One night I was on line working and Stormlakes web page came up from nowhere!  Jester was telling me it was time…I cried when I saw the amazing dogs looking at me from the home page. I then checked out the boys and that was it! The pic of Thorn running with his ball blew me away!  


The next day I emailed Kate and sent her pics of our boys explaining the situation. Instantly I felt a bond with her she was very empathic and felt our pain.  


Kate called and informed us that the amazing Thorn I had fallen in love with on the web page was having his first litter and we were put on the list.


We were both so nervous when we travelled up from Somerset to meet them all. What if Kate didn’t like us! Kate’s dogs are her life and each puppy is very precious to her. The one thing that hit us both was the calm ambiance within the house. We fell in love with our little man Tyler instantly and his dad Thorn will have a part of our heart forever!  


Kate has an amazing family. The connection between them all is inspiring. Her dogs are a credit to her .

Our amazing young man Tyler will be a year on the 27th of December 2012. He has bought fun and laughter back into our home and is the most amazing dog ever! This is not down to luck (although we are so lucky to have him) it is down to Kate. What Kate doesn’t know about her dogs is not worth knowing. The commitment she gives them ALL throughout their life time is priceless. She is never too busy or too tired to listen when you need a friendly ear. I have needed her a few times to guide us with her experience and she has never let us down. There are many things that set Kate and Stormlake up above the rest but the thing that stands out form it all is the love she has for them all. Every one of those precious little puppies that we all take home to love Kate holds in her heart for ever!  


Finding Stormlake is one of the best things we have ever done. And if you are thinking of bringing one of these amazing dogs into your lives you will find no better.  


Happy Christmas to you all  


Rosie, Tony and gorgeous boy Tyler xxx

Dave & Cherylyn - Owners of  "capablecanines"



" we are lucky enough to own a Stormlake GSD puppy (Obi).  

This is our first GSD from Stormlake and we know that he won't be our last - we have found the most amazing Breeder in Kate.  Her dogs are an absolute credit to her - they are stunning with the most beautiful temperaments that we have ever seen and Kate is the finest example of what a Breeder should be - to see her dogs is a real testament to the love & devotion that she so obviously puts in to what she is achieving as a Breeder"


Love Cherylyn xx

First coming across kate, ian and meg at the stormlake family we knew instantly that they were something special.


You dont just get a breeder with kate, you join a large loving family.


Luther came to live with us and he instantly was part of our family. Keeping my older dog company and keeping him young! Unfortunately ny older dog passed to rainbow bridge. At this time we had arranged to bring boston home, (luthers half brother).


Being in the difficult situation of both ourselves and luther grieving kate was fantastic at helping us and luther through it and bringing Boston home lifted everyone so much.


They get on so well with children, other people, animals and other dogs. They are a fantastic nature and they love you and you love them unconditionally.


These large chunky pups grow into large well bred dogs with fantastic looks and nature. Stormlake is forever going to be part of our family for many years to come.


Stephanie Brockie with Luther and Boston (Scotland )

Having loved and lost my beautiful GSD Max I thought long and hard about whether or not I would have another shepherd in the family. I spent a lot of time researching breeders and when I found Stormlake I felt that there was something special about Kate and her family and although I continued looking I kept going back to the Stormlake website so the choice was made. When I first contacted Kate she couldn’t have been more helpful and when a litter was expected we were all invited to visit and meet both the mother and father of our prospective puppy. Meeting Kate, Ian, Megan and their beautiful and well-behaved dogs was an absolute pleasure and we were made to feel totally involved as we awaited the arrival of the puppies.  


Our delightful puppy is 3 months old as I write this and he settled into our family from the day we brought him home.  Kate, Ian and Megan began his socialisation and training right from the start and he came to us as a confident and well-adjusted puppy, which made his adjustment to living with us so much easier. He is cute beyond measure and is quick to learn and eager to please. He makes us laugh every day with his antics and is happiest when he is splashing about in the paddling pool with my other two dogs who love him to bits.


What Kate doesn’t know about her dogs isn’t worth knowing and the advice and knowledge she passes on is invaluable.  I have felt supported by Kate every step of the way and I know that if I ever need advice or reassurance she is just a phone call away.  



Jill Paul Sam Jack Murphy Chester and Sevi x

We were lucky enough to have a pup from Lazer and Thorn litter in 2013. Dallas is now a year old we are absolutely delighted with her. She is a very beautiful dog with an excellent temperament and much admired where ever we go.


She is clever and has a gregarious personality. She absolutely loves people and other dogs - we couldn't wish for a better natured dog.


There are many breeders out there but not many like Stormlake. The whole family are involved with the dogs and their dedication is remarkable.


If you are lucky enough to be chosen to become a Stormlaker you will get a well adjusted, well socialised and friendly pup who will will grow into a stunningly beautiful adult. Stormlake dogs are great ambassadors for the breed - they really do have head turning good looks and temperaments to die for.


We are so excited to be getting our second Stormlake pup, little Ludo, in a matter of days now -we never even thought of going to another breeder. The effort Kate puts into breeding and rearing the pups shows - quality in spades.


Kate, Ian and Megan you do a wonderful job and it's real privilege to own one, soon to be two, of you dogs.


We are very lucky Pam and Andrew Sangster.

I lost my GSD Sasha in January 2011 and it took us a while to decide to get another GSD to join out two springer spaniels. When the decision was made I trawled through loads of breeders websites and then I was lucky to find Stormlake.


I realised straight away that this was a different site to the others I had viewed; this one showed pics of their dogs playing and being treated as beloved pets rather than having just "posed" pictures.


I contacted Kate via the website and was soon speaking to her on the phone and I could tell straight away that she adored her dogs and only wanted what was best for them. I was invited to visit and I got to meet Kate, Ian and Meg plus the absolutely gorgeous Stormlake females.


They were not in pens or cages they were wondering around the kitchen and were so friendly and calm plus I was introduced to my favourite boy Luga! Wow what a stunner he is. After what I now realise was an interview Kate said I could have a puppy ... I was so excited! In Aug 2012 my baby boy LJ was born, from the Charm/Luga pairing.


Kate was wonderful sending me photo's and I fell in love with that bundle of white fluff at first sight! Kate has been there every step of the way, from the day I picked him up until now some 22 months later.


I worried about everything and used to e-mail Kate regularly and even now I know I could ring her if I had a problem with LJ and she would be there for me. I feel so lucky to be a member of the Stormlake family and I am blessed that LJ is in my life.


He is a joy and so gentle and from talking to others with Stormlake GSD's this is the norm plus LJ is the best looking white GSD I have ever seen, he looks like a polar bear! Thankyou so much Kate, Ian and Meg for trusting me with LJ and who knows maybe there will be another Stormlake in my family in the near future ..they are very addictive ... JLove Jackie, Steve, Rosie, Lulu, LJ and Frisky the Cat xxxxx

After Jake, our last GSD,  died suddenly we said “enough!” and gave away a shed load of stuff to the Dogs Trust. But as the months passed we realised once you’ve had a GSD it’s difficult to be without one (or two) so 8 months later we started to search for a new boy.


We somehow stumbled upon the Stormlake web site and was immediately smitten – we wanted one! So, after a phone call to Kate, a visit was arranged and the long journey from Wiltshire to Essex undertaken.


We had a warm welcome from Kate, Ian Megan and a kitchen full of beautiful longhaired GSDs – we were hooked and, having seemingly passed the exams, placed an “order” from one from the next litter. Not only were they all beautiful/handsome but had such beautiful temperaments.


After what seemed like a lifetime the pups were born and eventually we made the journey to select our new boy – but in truth he selected us. Such a cutie! So, a couple of weeks later the final journey saw us collect our bundle of fun and bring him to his new home.


He is everything we expected: well behaved (well for a puppy that is); handsome and has a great nature.


He follows us all over the place and just takes everything in his stride (we live near Salisbury Plain and on his first day he encountered very low flying Chinook and Apache helicopters; he just looked up then kept on playing).


He settled in straight away and is growing at a rate of knots (11.4 kilo at 10 weeks) – which may be down to the raw food diet which he loves.


It can only be said that he is a credit to his breeder and Kate and Ian have done a superb job. From on-line chats with other Stormlake owners it is obvious that he is the rule – not the exception. There are a lot of very happy Stormlake owners out there and that certainly includes us.


Michelle and Colin Younger with "Riley" a Charm and Luga Son

After deciding to add to our family we started our search for the right breeder of this wonderful breed.  


Time and time again we were drawn to Stormlakes website, Kate's dogs were just superb.  After a call and quite a lengthy chat with Kate we knew our search was over.  


Our beautiful Thor finally arrived the day before my birthday.

The past year has been amazing, we never knew how much having one of these wonderful puppies would totally change our life.  Our son and Thor are inseparable, where Hayden goes, Thor is sure to be right next to him, always keeping him safe and watching everything.


He is such a friendly big bear and wants to meet everyone and everything he can, we have had so many comments on what a fantastic boy he is and we always say that it is all down to Kate and her devotion to every single one of them.


Kate is never too busy to listen and help in any way she can and the whole family are so welcoming its like having an extended family.  


For anyone wishing to take one of these outstanding dogs into your hearts life will never be quite the same again.





Love Racheal, Lee and Hayden Meacham xx

When I lost my GSD through cancer I was convinced I would never have another dog again, after all, why would any sane person put themselves through so much heartache. Yet and certainly as far as I was concerned, life seemed very empty without this the most noble of breeds.


Decision made I then started the arduous task of finding my next companion. I spent a very long time searching the internet, the Kennel Club, everywhere looking for that one perfect breeder who could check all the boxes I had but one by one they all fell by the wayside.


Beginning to feel that maybe my wish list was too hard to meet I began to lose hope in finding that elusive puppy. Then I found Stormlake GSD. Reading through the website the check boxes were ticked one by one and I found myself sending off an email post haste to Kate who replied with the news that a litter was planned.


It was fate. Several telephone conversations later and with my name added to the list I was on cloud nine. So what was it about Kate and Stormlake GSD that made her stand head and shoulders above the rest. Well Kate is not your typical breeder, she is more, for want of a better expression, a puppy rearer. For Kate, the dogs and puppies welfare comes first, not the lip service often spouted by others but a real concern about the long term well-being of her babies.


From the way they are raised in those crucial first weeks, to diet, care, socialisation, everything you could imagine is in place to the highest level. No detail is overlooked even to when you go and meet the pups for the first time being made to walk through a shoe wash and hands sprayed with anti-bacterial cleanser to protect the little one’s.


Trust me, you very rarely see this level of care and commitment. And it doesn’t just end the day you leave with your little bundle of fur. Kate is always there at the end of the phone to offer advice and support through her vast knowledge and understanding of the breed and pups she raises. So what of the pup we were allowed to have. Well Shadow is a very confident, cheeky, affectionate, clever, mischievous puppy who has put a smile back on my face through his antics and who leaves a lasting impression on everyone he meets.


He has seamlessly fitted into the void left by my previous GSD and I certainly could not imagine my life without him in it. He is the result of all the hard work Kate put’s into all her pups and both Helen and I are forever grateful. Thank you once again Kate, you are and always will be highly regarded.

David Egan, Surrey.

Back in early 2014 a family decision was made to get a new addition to the family. A puppy German shepherd. After scrolling the Internet we came upon Stormlake GSD. A very professional  website with great pics of their pack. Even better they were only just a short distance from where we live.

I phoned Kate the next day and after a long conversation there was no doubt we would be getting a pup from Stormlake. We were invited to visit and meet Kate Ian and Megan with their pack a few weeks later.


As soon as we arrived we were greeted  by seven of the best behaved German Shepherds I have ever met. Even Georgia our 16 year old who has had very little to do with dogs was so comfortable with all of them.


Big soft spot for Demi and her bottom when you meet her you will know what I mean.


We also went to the field and watched a training session everybody was so welcoming.

Then we got the news we had so looked forward to Taya was in pup. Two months later we met Buddy (I wanted Thor but was out voted). He is now very much part of the family big soft and lovable.


Bron is a childminder and he will very happily be surrounded by all the kids and is nothing but a gentle giant. When we brought Bud home we had a full puppy pack and loads of advice. On occasion I have phoned Kate for advice every time my questions and worries have been answered.


We also attend training with Kate every Sunday and have a much better behaved and trained dog because of this. Everyone is fantastic and it's so great seeing the puppies growing together.


I cannot recommend the Stormlake family enough. We will be getting a Thor at some point in the future. Dave Bron and family x

Kate & Co, it's so difficult not to write a book about our wonderful experience of "STORMLAKE" so in a nutshell our journey has been 1st Class all the way & we are eagerly awaiting pup number 2.


Our amazing journey to wonderful Mr Midas...

* Website


* Initial communication


* Visit


* Booking a pup


* Viewing & choosing


* Pictures/videos/texts


* Collection


* Lifelong support & advice







Kindest regards

Andy, Linda & Midas xx

Dear kate


Thank you for taking the time to introduce me to your dogs and your family.


It was heartwarming to see so many healthy, well mannered shepherds romping around.

We certainly will stick with yourself for our puppy selection

and listen to your advice about which puppy to choose.


Seeing the dogs in the flesh has helped me focus on the type of dog

which will suit us best and ,to my surprise, I very much liked Luga and

Jax even though I have always had a preference for single colours.

They both looked strong and well boned as well as Thorn.


The 2 year old Max whom you had bred, was a particular favourite of mine.


Having seen the good state of your dogs' teeth we will also look into

raw feeding: the first shepherd I had in my teens was fed on dry real

meat and tripe and he had very good health. Our dogs now have a lot of goats milk which seems to make for sumptious coats ,but our Lola at 9 years, does not have particularly clean teeth.


Your idea of letting me talk to other owners and seeing their dogs was also very useful. I dont think I have ever seen a group of dogs together with so little drama and fuss from the dogs...they all got on so well

together which I suppose reflects their breeding and the confidence of the owners ..all in all a package which must make you very proud.


Thanks again to the other owners. I will phone you shortly for a quick

talk about which puppy to go for, and hopefully catch you when you are walking the dogs.... bye for now Lisa


When we lost our beautiful boy max in July last year we were both devastated empty numb never really thought of life without him .


A friend recommended you because we said we would get another one , after my first call to you I was excited I checked the website every day in case Kenya had her babies I was about to burst so I phoned you and you said she had given birth , you always found the time to give me weekly undates even though you had hardly any sleep and was hand feeding all the puppies , when we came to see the puppies at 5 weeks I was so excited and nervous as was worried you wouldn't trust us enough to let us have one as I could tell you really loved your dogs .


Meeting all your dogs we were in dog heaven they are gorgeous, we liked the fact you encouraged a second visit , we love our girl to bits even though originally we wanted a boy and you said girls are lovely too you were so right .


So Thankyou Kate , Ian and Megan we couldn't of found a better breeder than you .




Louise Peter and Jess xx

Having always had German Shepherds we knew what we were looking for when we sadly lost  our Molly two years ago.


We spent a very long time researching different breeders the length and breadth of the country and were  prepared to go anywhere for the perfect furbaby. We eventually found that perfect  breeder  and were over the moon when we discovered Stormlake was just 25 minutes away from us.


The moment we arrived we were impressed , in fact more than impressed . We were greeted by your wonderful pack of dogs , all gentle giants , and the way you vetted us before considering letting us have one of your precious babies , the cleanliness of the surroundings the Pup's were being raised in , the immense care and effort you put into each and every Pup.  


The wonderful sight of all those waggy tails made it difficult to choose. So the day came when we chose Doris , then the few weeks we had to wait to come and collect her. That was a year and a half ago. She is the most beautiful girl , in temperament and looks , we love her to bits  she is perfect in every way.


Every time we take her out we get stopped by numerous people saying how adorable she is. She is fantastic with children , other dogs and every situation that arises.


She is the most well balanced Shepherd we have had.  The after care you offer is second to none , you are always at the end of the phone for advice .


We can't thank you Ian  , Lazer , Thorn  and of course Meg enough for our beautiful girl x


Barbara , Colin and Doris

I have had 3 GSD "s with my ex husband and when my last beautiful barney died I missed him so much and then I went through a divorce and my lovely daughter had a spinal injury so it would have been so wrong to have another.


I met Steve , we married and life settled and my longing grew stronger and my research began.  I found the stormlake website and everything I read and saw made me want one of these pups.


I emailed Kate and our wait began as obviously these pups were in great demand, but we were prepared to wait and then we were told there was one available.  When we visited it was totally what we expected, the warmth from Kate and Ian and beauty of all of these amazing dogs who greeted us , we instantly recognised these were very special breeders.


We chose special breeders. We chose our pup and came away feeling happy and excited about the new addition to our family. Kate communicated brilliantly with us on his progress and we knew he was getting lots of love and cuddles from Kate Ian and Megan as the videos and pictures kept us in touch Eventually the day for Castro to come home, he came with a wonderful starter pack and folder to help us and he was everything we could have wished for, a beautiful healthy confident playful boy who has brought so much Joy and meaning into our lives.


The support and dedication from Kate has been exceptional and we could not have wished for more. Our hope is that one day when the time is right we will have the addition of another stormlake .


Karen, Steve and Castro


Well we liked Buddy our Stormlake Gentle Giant so much we now have Lilly our little Stormlake beauty.

What more of a recommendation can I give. Due to the commitment and dedication of Kate Buddy has his Bronze and Silver Kennel Club Good Citizen awards and he loves doing obedience and agility all through our training with Stormlake.


Lilly is doing really well with her training and is growing into a lovely well balanced dog. She has her puppy moments but when I came home today and one of the child minding kids was lying on the floor with her and Lilly was being so gentle I know we got her from the right place.


Lilly is not only gentle but extremely driven and I can see she is going to excel in all aspects of her training.


Buddy recently had a problem with a swollen paw I contacted Kate and within minutes she had contacted me back explaining what the problem was likely to be and making sure the vet we had seen had not bandaged the paw, luckily for the vet she had made the right call.


My family and I are all involved with Stormlake and can't recommend Kate as a breeder enough. What other breeder has a dedicated Facebook site where all the owners can swap photos and advice. If you have children Megan, Kate's daughter also puts a lot of time into the puppy's so they come home totally comfortable around children. So all in all thank u to Kate, Ian and Megan for our two fantastic German Shepherds.



Dave, Bronya, Buddy and Lilly

Well where do we start? We went to one of the WALCSS shows and saw several Stormlake dogs.


I said to my friend that next time I wanted a puppy I would like one of those!  Well here we are !!


Last year looking for a straight back long coated GSD. There were all kinds - even short coat and arch back! Mmmm that's not a GSD to me!!


Found Stormlake, filled in the necessary form and arranged to meet Kate and what is now our new extended family, at a fun day at Stormlake.


We were blown away with how friendly everyone was, including the pups, and older dogs too. Even "borrowed" a dog and her ball to see how she moved.   MMMMM I like I said to my long suffering husband.  We talked to everyone, but some of the things that stood out for us was how well solid each dog is, how shiny all the coats are, and how well balanced they all were.

My mind was made up! As long as Kate said yes we were having one!! There was then the minefield of raw feeding! OMG where do I start? Didn't know anything about it, but we were keen to learn.  The information from everyone, especially Kate was very helpful.  I researched into it to change my other GSD before we had our puppy.  I can't believe I didn't do it sooner! She has thrived ever since. Her coat has changed for the better, her weight is better.


Choosing our puppy was soooo hard. They were all too cute and perfect in their own way. There was a case for choosing each of them! You can usually discount a couple either for looks or the personality isn't what you are looking for but they were all perfect.


There was help, support and advice all along the way.  The journey home was a long one but puppy was fine - slept through it! She has been an absolute joy since we first saw her. She is thriving every day, loves her new playmate, her walks and training.  We have owned GSD's for over 25 years, and can honestly say we haven't had such a well adjusted, happy, bundle of joy.


When people stop us and ask what breeding line she is from we are proud to say STORMLAKE!  Kate, Ian and Megan you should all be proud of each and every litter you produce.


To have such a perfect puppy, people don't see and appreciate the hours, days and weeks of endless work that goes into creating such well balanced puppies.


You truly have found your vocation and for that we cannot thank you enough!  Can't imagine not a Stormlake in our house.  The extended Stormlake family is formidable.

The help, support and guidance is fantastic. The help once the puppies leave Kate doesn't disappear like most breeders. No matter what you ask there is always help available.  Have I said thank you? Well maybe once or twice! Well you can't say a good thing too many times. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. Xxxxxxxxxxx


Emma and Keta

A few year ago I came across Stormlake Gsds, I knew my next Gsd would be one of them as they have the look I love.


I’d been intouch with Kate in 2014 and had hoped in 2015 If Kate bred D'coy I would maybe get one these beauties to join my two Gsd babies Zeus & Storm. Sadly and very unexpectedly my Zeus passed away end of Dec 2014, my world fell apart.


April 2015 Kate contacted me to let me know that Faze & Jax had been mated and asked if I wanted a pup from this gorgeous pairing, D'coy wasn’t due to be in season until Aug and there was still nothing set in stone for who she’d be mated with or if there would even be a male pup for me so we discussed it as a family and after seeing a beautiful photo of Faze & Jax together we couldn’t resist.


Kate kept us updated on Faze’s pregnancy and when the pups were born she let us know there was a boy for us, there were photos and updates the whole time and when we went to pick our boy at 4 weeks we were blown away by the gang at Stormlake, you couldn’t get a warmer welcome from so many Gsds, each one of her dogs is beautiful, sociable and welcomed you with soppy kisses, not forgetting Kate, Ian & Megan being lovely and made us feel welcome.


The next four weeks passed fast and we were back to collect Zar, he was an adorable little bundle of fluff who handled the extremely long drive home to Aberdeen like a star.


Zar has fitted into the family well, he’s turning into a very handsome boy. He is extremely friendly, loves everyone and just adores children, he is a smart pup with a stubborn streak and is full of energy.


As a breeder I’d say Kate is one of the best, she’s honest and upfront, loves her dogs and the pups she’s bred, very protective of them and wants the best for them. I sometimes don’t know where she finds the energy to look after all of her dogs, raise puppies, help owners and still have time to eat and sleep lol but she does and I think all of us who own a Stormlake Gsd appreciate the time and love that Kate, Ian and Megs put in.


Thanks again

Diana & Paul

We spent a long time researching where to find our German Shepherd and were delighted when we came across the Stormlake website.


Having had Shepherds before we know how key the right breeder and upbringing is and we were not disappointed with Stormlake.


Having met mum and dad (Lazer and Thorn) and some of the wider Stormlake family we knew the dogs had a great temperament and were delighted when we finally got to bring our puppy (Maggie) home in the spring.


Maggie has been a delight to live with. She is eager to please and has grown up to be a well formed, beautiful dog and we couldn't imagine life without her. So happy with her, wouldn't change a thing.


Malcolm and Maggie

After the loss of my last Shepherd I waited for a couple of years before deciding that it was time to fill the shepherd sized hole in my life.

I spoke to my vets about breeders they could recommend, they knew my previous boy and were a big fan. Well there was no hesitation, "you must get a Stormlake" so I contacted Kate and went along for my meet and greet taking my mum with me.


We were met by Kate and about 6 of her beautiful girls who were all so calm, I was struck by the fact that there I was a stranger on their property and they were so confident ,friendly and merely curious at these new people.


I knew right then that these were what I was looking for.

Kate gives regular updates on the pregnancy and birth and then the pictures start. From birth to when you pick up your fur ball you get pictures and updates and then in between you get to go and meet your bundle of fluff. What a special moment that is! The pups are bold and boisterous and curious and playful, oh and I missed out big! They really are chunky pups!


1 year on and my beautiful boy is now at training school with Kate where he's learning obedience.

Max now holds his (Bronze, Silver and Gold) Kennel Club Good citizen awards and is doing really well at working trials training .


He's a friendly, confident, cheeky, extremely intelligent, big soft lad at 50 kilo's  and everyone that meets him loves him. He's great with kids and for that we have to thank Megan for all the effort she puts in when they are young. Kate offers lifetime support and it definitely doesn't stop as soon as you drive away.


I will certainly only have Stormlakes from now on! Kate isn't like any other breeder I've met before, her one and only concern is what's best for the pups. It's so refreshing. When you get Stormlake pup you get a whole new supportive family along with it.


Thank you Kate, Ian and Megan for the privilege of my gorgeous boy Max I couldn't have asked for a more perfect puppy xx

Annette, Bailey and Max

I have known Kate and her dogs for a few years now through showing and training and I have always admired the Stormlake dogs.  


About two years ago I started training one of my GSDs with Kate and she has helped and guided me to achieve a high standard of obedience with him, for which I can’t thank her enough.


Being lucky enough to watch Kate train her own dogs and seeing her commitment and dedication to every aspect of everything she does with them I knew I wanted a Stormlake pup as my next pup.


When Kate told me there was a pup available for me, the weeks couldn’t pass quick enough, when the pups were old enough we went to pick our new girl, and as expected the pups were absolutely stunning, very bright, playful, friendly and confident girls, it was a very hard decision to choose between them, Kate kept us updated with pictures and videos on how Blaze was doing before we brought her home and let us go for cuddles.


Blaze is 7 months old now, she is very confident, friendly, loves everyone, and other dogs.


Blaze also goes to training with Kate now and is proving to be everything I wanted and more, she is very driven and excels at everything she does, to say I love training my girl is an understatement and look forward to achieving lots in the future, I can’t thank Kate enough for letting Blaze join our family.


Not only is Kate an exceptional, caring breeder of very well balanced, confident puppies but she is also a fantastic trainer who is only too willing to help with any questions you may have.  


I hope you know how much I appreciate everything you have done and continue to help me with.


Am proud to be part of the Stormlake family.


Thank you Kate, Ian and Megan


Jo, Blaze, Zeus and Family xx

We have always wanted to have a German Shepherd live with us but until recently both of us worked full time so didn't feel we could offer one a good home. Then things changed and we started talking about having a pupster but we wanted to get the right one as we do have grandkids and cats. So we did a lot of searching on the internet for breeders and made some phone calls,then we spoke to Kate and everything felt so right.


A few weeks later Diva and Luga had a litter of 11 pups and we were allowed to come and meet both parents and Kate and we booked ourselves a puppy!


When Cassie was 6 weeks old we visited again and chose our pup then we only had 2 weeks to wait before we could take her home. Kate was great and gave us lots of advice and help with what we needed to do to prepare for Cassie's arrival and she continued to give support advice and help after we brought her home.


Cassie is the very best dog for us and we love her so much. Her personality is so gentle and calm and loving that she has been accepted as a Pets as Therapy dog so she brings joy into so many lives. Thank you Kate for such a wonderful companion.


love Nikki and Graeme

When we had to have Travis put to sleep we were devastated and couldn't imagine having another, the hole he left was too great.


Going back to Hoddesdon to visit Petes parents we followed your truck through Waltham abbey.  The long decal across your back window of all your dogs made us smile and when we got back home we went online to find Stormlake, that was the beginning.


Comiing to see you last February was amazing, suddenly surrounded by all these beautiful dogs and we decided there and then that we would love to have one in our lives if you said OK.


Then the wait was on to see if Lazer was having pups,then another wait until they were born and then the announcement that she had seven girls.Suddenly  a boy wasn't so important and after seeing them at four weeks and being chosen by Lola was perfect.


Bringing her home was one of the best moments of our lives.  She is absolutely gorgeous, can be a right diva at times, is extremely vocal, and greets everybody and all dogs with enthusiasm and kisses.  We wouldn't change her for the world.


THANK YOU KATE IAN AND MEGAN for all the hard work you put into making these dogs what they are

Teresa and Peter Swannell

We lost our 12year old Golden Retriever Skye to cancer. Our other dog a 4year old GSD Gem, missed her badly, as we all did.


We wanted to get another GSD, and searched the websites. Fortunately we noticed the Stormlake website, and made contact with Kate, who we found to be a very professional breeder of the GSD, and also very particular as to who would be allowed to own one of the pups that were so loved, and very special to them all.


When Kate said, we could have a Thorn/Lazer pup, we were so happy, it meant so much to us.

And then the wait began for Lazer to give birth,  Kate always kept in touch with Lazers progress, and then at last we were told Lazer gave birth to 7 beautiful healthy girls,we were so exited and couldn't wait to the day we would meet them. Kate kept us informed with pictures, video's and updates, and when the pups were 4 weeks old, we were able to visit them all.  Meeting with Kate, Ian, and their wonderful caring daughter Megan, who is always there to give the dogs, and the pups loads of love and attention, and meeting the most wonderful family of dogs anyone could wish to meet, with  unbelievable temperaments, all so gorgeous.


I met Thorn, so big bold gorgeous and handsome,  the wonderful gentle loving Demi,  and the beautiful mum Lazer, so content,  effectionate and calm.


And then to see the most amazing beautiful, seven girl pups, we could hardly believe it. I don't know how I managed to choose one, as they were all equally as beautiful as each other. But I got to choose our beautiful Boni'.


We can't praise you enough as a breeder of Gsds Kate, or thank you enough.

You have explained everything to us, that we could possibly need to know, and have always offered us lots of help and advice.

We were able to collect Boni, to bring her home  at 8 weeks old  .

We also got meet Ceder, another wonderful dog, I was told  keeps all the pups in check. It was an amazing day, and we couldn't wait to get Boni home and settled in.


Our dog Gem, took to Boni straight away, I was amazed at how good she was with her from the start, she is like a mum to her, they just love each other.


We kept Boni on raw food, that she loves.

I'm from a big family, so she gets to meet lots of people, she is a friendly happy pup.


Boni loves ball games, and let's you know when she wants to play, if she wants to play ball, she yelps at us to tell us that she wants to play ball. She knows when it's time for a Chicken leg, or something to eat, and if we are over due giving it to her, she lets us know vocally.  She loves to chase the ball & bring it back,  & chase the ball & bring it back, over & over again, she is full of energy.


She loves chasing the birds in the garden, she loves her walks, and she is definitely a water baby, she just loves to sit out in the rain, what a job to get her to come in when it's raining.


Boni also loves her bottom being rubbed, she comes and stands with her bottom to you waiting for you to rub it, just above her tail, she loves it......Sometimes she  likes her to be on her own, where she can just relax.

She brings us joy, she is our daily sunshine, and we couldn't love her more.

I hope one of these days we can bring her back to see you all.

Thank you so much Kate, Ian & Megan, from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you xxx

When I became Facebook friends with Kate back in 2012 it was because I loved the look of her dogs and not because I was actually in the running for another pup.


Having had GSD's all my life, either as pups or as rescues for re-homing, I just enjoyed looking at all the Stormlake photos. Suddenly and devastatingly, my handsome Yogi was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer and he was only with us for three more short weeks.


Kate was very supportive and soon my thoughts turned to the idea of actually being able to have a Stormlake puppy. I had to wait a while but then a lovely litter was born to Faze and Jax and one had my name on him. Being part of the Stormlake owners group, receiving frequent pics of the pups' and knowing that one would soon be at home with me helped me through the difficult time of losing Yogi.


When my new pup was 4 weeks old I travelled up to see him. Meeting all the adult Stormlakes and seeing the cute bundles of fluff was wonderful. All were beautiful with stunning temperaments. Luther and his littermates were adorable. The next 4 weeks passed slowly but thanks to Kate and the many pics posted on Facebook, it was just about bearable.  


At last I was able to collect Luther. He was calm on the four hour journey home and slept most of the way. On arrival he had a quick wee then met his new friend and nanny Mitzi. She adored him immediately. The cats were not so sure but they soon became firm friends. Luther is now 7 months old and is a gorgeous handsome young man full of energy and who loves to learn and help with everything.


He is curious and oh-so-intelligent. Luther turns heads wherever he goes and has a fan club of keen visitors. He is a happy, confident pup who is fast becoming a loyal and loving companion. Meeting Kate and Megan and all the Stormlakes has been a fantastic experience with Kate always on hand to give expert advice and guidance.


Thanks Kate for all your hard work and commitment. And Megan, Luther still likes a cuddle while he is sitting on the sofa watching T.V.!


Best wishes, Yves & Luther.